Silver Telecom - Ag102 Press Release

Silver Telecom - Ag102 Press Release

Aimed at developers of equipment with sealed lead acid (SLA) battery back-up, such as security, fire/safety and telecom/ datacom equipment, Silver Telecom has launched the first SLA battery charger module capable of maximising battery life and providing the user with a battery status output.

The challenge for equipment developers using SLA batteries has been providing the three state charging necessary to achieve maximum battery life.  Three state charging requires providing constant-current bulk charge, constant voltage bulk charge and constant voltage trickle charge to the battery, depending on its charge state.  Additional difficulties arise when battery temperature is taken into account as this can alter the charging voltages applied to the battery.

The Ag102 module has the ability to detect battery condition and temperature and automatically provide the correct voltage levels and type of charge.  This maximises battery life, and provides the most efficient way of charging, with the added benefits of relaying battery status back to the user.
Packaged in a small footprint SIL module, Ag102 is a low cost solution that can also convey significant design time savings, as well as savings in PCB real estate.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, and fully RoHS and WEEE compliant, the Ag102 supplements Silver Telecom's extensive range of power, datacom and telecom products.

About Silver Telecom
Newport, Wales based Silver Telecom is a global leader in Power over Ethernet (PoE) and telecom interface components.  Designed and manufactured in the UK, Silver Telecom product focus is on low cost, small size and ease of use.  Targeted at developers of the latest security, safety, datacom and telecom equipment, Silver Telecom brings product to market through it’s international network of specialist distributors and representatives.  Contact TE Australia Pty Ltd for further details.

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