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Reptile Shows in Melbourne

Conservation of wildlife has never been so much fun!

Not all reptile shows are the same.
Most are boring static displays.
Ours are not!
We are the hands on reptile displays that always let people hold the animals.
With more than 30 years in the reptile display arena, no one knows reptiles better than us.
Whether it is hot weather or cold and wet, we provide wildlife displays of all kinds across Melbourne and nearby parts of Victoria.
We bring all sorts of scaly animals to our shows, parties and events including snakes, lizards, frogs, turtles, crocodiles and large lizards to give you the only full service reptile display in Victoria.
As seen on Television, our displays are interactive and hands on.
Completely safe to everyone and yet the kids and adults are allowed to handle animals and really get their hands scaly!
Sometimes a snake or lizard may spray a bit of poo on someone and that really sets heartbeats racing!
It is said in just that you should never work with kids or animals and yet we do both!
Not only that, but we take pride in it!
At primary schools, the teachers say our hands on reptile shows are the best their kids can get.
Parents love our unique birthday parties as they know it is safe and the risk of kids getting injured is basically nil!
The reptile party is consistently a far safer bet then acrive sports and any other activity where people may be running around, where all it takes for an accident is to have a kid running into another.
We are also a big hit at events, such as environmental expos, school fetes, council street festivals, church events, pet expos and even end of year celebrations for pretty much any religion or sporting group you could think of.
Being Australia's best when it comes educational wildlife shows, we even bring deadly snakes into your place as needed, which is something no one else can legally do.
Yes, we are alone in Australia with vet certified surgically devenomized snakes to protect you, your children and everyone else.
Any other reptile show is a risk.
We suggest you avoid taking a chance with safety and therefore stick with us.
Better yet, our children's shows are affordable for most people and we make sure each and every kid gets the most fun and best education possible.
Then there are other aspects of the work we do, which ties in with our reptile and wildlife shows.
We regularly supply animals for photoshoots, corporate advertising and numerous wildlife documentaries for viewing worldwide.
If you have seen an Inland Taipan, the world's deadliest snake on a TV Doco, chances are it was one of ours.
Film makers use our snakes by choice as they know they are in top condition, safe to film and always available at short notice.
It is a lot easier to call us, than spend a week in the desert trying to find an Inland Taipan!
Same applies to the other deadly snakes from Australia which we also supply for films and the like.
Things like Tiger Snakes, Brown Snakes, Death Adders, Copperheads and so on.
The pythons we own are also among the best out there and include mutant things that no one else has ever owned or bred.
Besides having Australia's best reptiles, we definitely have Australia's best mutant pythons as well!
Our captive breeding programs also are critically important for saving species.
The importance goes well beyind the snakes and lizards we breed at our own Melbourne facility.
Techniques we have pioneered and used are now copied by others worldwide and have been used to save dozens of species.

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